Welcome to the NZ ORCID Hub

The NZ ORCID Hub connects research staff and students with the organisations where they study, are employed, or that they receive funding from.

Staff and students can use the Hub to give permission to their institution(s) to access their ORCID records and, in return, NZ ORCID Consortium members can use the Hub to assert these relationships in their staff, students’, and recipients' ORCID records.

For information on the Hub's background and development see the About page. If you would like more detail and links to resources, visit the Hub pages of the Royal Society Te Apārangi’s website.

To find out if your organisation is a member of the NZ ORCID Consortium, see the current membership list here: NZ ORCID Consortium Members

Organisations using the Hub:

Tuakiri Members

Auckland University of Technology

Victoria University of Wellington

University of Otago

NIWA - The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Ltd.

Institute of Environmental Sciences and Research

Ara Institute of Canterbury

Lincoln University

AgResearch Ltd

The University of Auckland

University of Canterbury

The New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research Limited

Non-Tuakiri Members

Royal Society Te Apārangi

Motu Economic & Public Policy Research Trust